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An Iranian contemporary folk music group; reflecting the diversity of Iranian culture and its sonic features.

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Our new album, “Essentials,” is available on all major digital music platforms. We have meticulously curated, re-recorded, and re-mastered a collection of our best work for your listening enjoyment. We are thrilled to share this new project with our fans.

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"Rastak," in Farsi, means a newly born plant that grows at the bottom of a tree. Sometimes it grows taller and stronger than the main tree itself. So, it can be interpreted as a plant with its roots in the ground, containing all the essential elements of life, when it is fully grown. We, the Rastak music group, like the "Rastak" natural process, have borrowed the background of our music from the roots of our history and culture. We have been using ethnic-based themes with our specific arrangement to connect with a more extensive range of the audience worldwide for years.

Rastak is one of the most well-known bands in Iranian contemporary folk music, which was formed as an experimental music group in 1997. The group seeks to collect, record, and interpret Iranian folk music for a global audience. Rastak incorporates language, culture, and history, merging traditional instruments and forms with contemporary rhythms.


Rastak has performed in many international music festivals and concerts held in Iran, England, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Chile, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Belgium, Oman, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh [Dhaka International Folk Fest 2017], Iraq, Erbil, United Arab Emirates, etc.

Band Members

Rastak comprises diverse musicians who bring their talents and styles to the group. The members of Rastak come from various musical backgrounds, which has helped us create a truly distinctive sound that blends the old and the new.

Siamak (Siroos) Sepehri
Siamak Sepehri

Art Director, Co-Founder, and Tar Player

Seyed Farzad Moradi
Farzad Moradi

Lead vocal, Tanbur, Divan, Setar, Dotar, Qupoz, Oud

Seyed Behzad Moradi
Behzad Moradi

Lead vocal, Daf, Percussion

Dina Doosti
Dina Doosti

Kamancheh, Kamancheh Alto, Gheychak

Akbar Esmaeilipour Farsangi
Akbar Esmaeilipour

Oud, Tar, Setar

Majid Poosti
Majid Poosti


Sahar Rashiditorbati
Sahar Rashidi


Behzad Pournaghi

Band Manager

Guest Artists

We have been blessed to have chance working with great musicians and Ustads from different parts of Iran. Some of the musicians that we have had the pleasure of collaborating with include Gholamali Pourataee, Ashiq Imran Heydari, Mashallah Bameri, Safar Ali Ramezani, Bijan Kamkar, Vahid Asadollahi, Mohammad Ali Delnavaz, Naser Vahdati, Gholam Hossein Nazari, Ehsan Asadollahi, and Mohsen Sharifian,

Previous Members

Omid Mostafavi, Hamed Bolandhemmat, Yasaman Najmeddin, Parisa Inanloo, Yavar Ahmadifar, Mohammad Mazhari, Piran Mohajeri, Sepehr Saadati, Sara Naderi, Kaveh Sarvarian, Yaser Navazandeh, Farzad Khorshidsavar, Negar Ezazi, Saba Jamali, Reza Abedia, Sahar Ebrahim, Nima Niktab, Sara Ahmadi, Hosna Parsa, Danoosh Asadpour, Bita Ghasemi


Dance with Rastak

Inspired by different genres of folk dances in Iran, we chose Dance as a theme for this album. Dance with Rastak, our 6th album, is released in two audio and video editions and comprises folk songs from ethnicities such as Azerbaijan, Dezful, Kerman, Kurdistan, Khurasan, and Shiraz.

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Borderless at Home

In this project, we are working on the music of Iran's neighboring countries to be a messenger of peace while depicting the beauty of Middle Eastern music and culture. The idea of this album was born due to the positive feedback in overseas performances.


For the past two decades Rastak's experimental music works of art, its deep research and fieldwork has focused on the sonic features of Iranian folklore and its diverse multicultural ethnic groups resulting in different compositions like movie soundtrack, theatre text music, six music albums and eight single tracks.


  • Ancient Hues
  • All My Homeland People
  • Sorna-ye Norouz
  • Among Eternal Suns
  • Bahar
  • Borderless at Home
  • Dance With Rastak
  • Essentials


  • Borderless at Home (Project) - Inclusive of 6 Tracks
  • Sombre Sky
  • Bir Yangının Külünü
  • Tehna


Author: Neil van der Linden
Songlines Magazine December 2023 issue (#193)

We often associate Iranian music with long, melancholy pieces. But Persian culture is rich in folkloric music as well, rooted in local traditions, in which dance is an essential ingredient.

In the current official image and turmoil of the country, dance is often being overlooked. However, it is clearly present in the many local music styles that Rastak studied, resulting in this compilation of sorts - almost all of the tracks are newly arranged and recorded versions of songs they've previously recorded. Not without reason one of the group's previous albums was named Dance with Rastak. To create a crowd of dancing Iranians, put this album on the sound system. And others will join.

The tracks are their own remakings of music from all over Iran, this time from Kerman to South-Azerbaijan, and from Gilan to Shiraz, with here and there surprising arrangements. Take for instance the chord changes halfway through the track'Raana'. The signature track, 'Baroon', based on a famous tune from Lorestan, is in triple and quadruple metres, but has some of those complex rhythms that urge any listener to get on the floor. At the same time, these rhythms may puzzle a relative outsider about where to put their feet, but after they've got the skills, a massive communal party frenzy will have begun.

Yet, even in some of the jolliest tracks on Essentials there is always that touch of longing for the 'something else' that we know from the more classical Iranian poetry and music as well. But there are enough reasons on this album to try to dance the night, and the day, away.

Thank You

We couldn't have done it without you. That means your generosity and support helped us to put some beautiful Iranian folk music out into the world. Once again, thank you so much. We are grateful for each of you and your willingness to jump in and be a part of this journey.