Dance With Rastak

Inspired by different genres of folk dances in Iran

About Rastak

We are a well-known band in Iranian contemporary folk music that was formed as an experimental music group in 1997. The group seeks to collect, record and interpret Persian folk music for a global audience. We incorporate language, culture and history as well as merge traditional instruments and forms with contemporary rhythms. Our band has done extensive research into Persian folk music both academically and in practice.

Albums and Singles

For the past two decades we have been focusing on the sound of Iranian folklore and diverse cultures; resulting in five albums, six singles and numerous domestic and overseas concert tours.
* Ancient Hues 2007
* All My Homeland People 2010
* Sorna-ye Norouz 2013
* Among Eternal Suns 2016
* Spring  2018
* Borderless at Home 2019-2020


We have appeared on several international music festivals, world’s leading venues including London’s Barbican and held many concerts in Iran, England, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain , The Netherlands, Sweden, The USA, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Chile, Poland ,Turkey , Georgia, Belgium, Oman, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Iraq, United Arab Emirates etc.

Band Members

Siamak Sepehri

Farzad Moradi

Behzad Moradi

Dina Doosti

Akbar Esmaeelipour

Yasaman Najmeddin

Majid Poosti

Omid Mostafavi

Hamed Bolandhemmat

Parisa Inanloo